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Top 3 Tips for Storing Tailgating Supplies

Are you looking forward to the big game day? Tailgating is a must when your team enters the final game of the season. That means it is time to get your outdoor equipment organized with a seasonal storage unit at TNC Self Storage. Renting a unit here is simple and will make every season a dream. After the game is over protect your valuables with these tips below.

Souderton PA seasonal storage

Remove the grim

Even if you are getting the supplies out in two weeks, get rid of the food residue. Anything you used to serve food needs to be spotless before storing. Pests can smell these delicious left over burger drippings and damage your sports memorabilia or other equipment. To avoid any issues, simply clean and dry anything you use for food. If you are putting it in long term storage get a pressure washer to ensure no food is left.

Remember the details

Details to remember when tailgating are the outdoor games, and gate hours. Put everything in one easy bag to grab. While you are there getting the portable grill and canopy, have a bag of sports accessories people can play with while waiting for the burgers to be done.

Gate hours are important to know in case you need to make a stop on the way. Plan well enough in advance to pull everything out a few days before. Then you can double check your list and have enough time to pick up anything forgotten.

Storing Flammable Gear

Propane tanks, lighter fluid, and lighters are not allowed in storage units. Take the combustible materials with you and keep the tank outside. As for the fluids it is best to use these up and properly dispose of them.

Our Souderton PA storage units keep you focused on what matters, cheering on your team!