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Choosing a storage unit for your next move? TNC Self Storage provides a variety of storage options and the tools to help you narrow down to the right space for your items. Is a large storage unit too much space? Maybe a small storage unit is not enough. Check out our storage unit size guide and use our online storage calculator to determine the space that will help you store today.

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Our Storage Unit Size Guide

How can you tell how much storage unit space you need to rent? First, collect all the items you wish to store and take inventory. From there, discuss your needs with one of our professionals to translate them into an approximate storage unit size. Our storage unit size guide below walks through the items that can fit into our different storage unit sizes. Read through to find solutions for your home or business.

Small Storage Units

Considered a small storage unit, a 5×5 or 5×10 storage unit provides ample space for seasonal items and a few pieces of furniture. These small storage options are helpful for apartment storage needs. Be sure to double check your measurements, since these small storage options are only about the size of a walk-in closet. You can store the following in a storage unit this size:

  • Small furniture
  • Document Boxes
  • Chairs
  • Seasonal Items
  • Dorm Room Supplies

Medium Storage Units

A medium storage unit is plenty of space to store 1 to 3 bedrooms’ worth of contents. Great for storing during home renovation projects or while you stage your home for an upcoming sale. This is enough room for furniture storage and all your business inventory for the season. And between our indoor, temperature-controlled, and drive-up storage units, you have plenty of options to find your best fit. Our medium-sized storage units can hold:

  • Bicycles
  • Appliances
  • Large Pieces of Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Motorcycles

Large Storage Units

Our largest storage units can help you store business inventory for the whole year or your home belongings while you plan a move. Our storage experts can help match you to the best storage features to protect your items throughout their stay with us. Here are a few common uses for our largest storage unit sizes:

  • Small Vehicle Storage
  • Household Items
  • Large Pieces of Furniture

Our Storage Calculator

Our storage calculator can help you determine what size unit would be best for your needs. Using the form below, tell us what you need to store and our calculator will provide an estimate in cubic feet as well as the storage size you’ll need. We’ll calculate the size and recommend a unit based on the space needed.

Source: Self Storage Association