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Storage Supplies That Will Benefit Your Move:

Storage Supplies

It can be difficult when trying to figure out all of the storage supplies you may need when you are packing away your belongings. On top of figuring out your storage material needs, comes the obstacle of finding somewhere to store everything. TNC Self Storage can be of great assistance to you! Aside from having an extremely safe and secure facility that is close in proximity to you, we also have various amounts of merchandise that are helpful for moving into storage.

If you give our recommendations on moving a chance, no longer will this process have to cause any type of confusion or stress. TNC Self Storage is here to help you!

What Storage Supplies Are Needed?

  1. Dust Covers – To protect your items from damage due to dust, dirt, and water.
  2. Labels – Beneficial for you and movers to help keep organized during the move and while in storage.
  3. Boxes – Multiple sizes are helpful which allows you to keep items neatly organized.
  4. Tape – To completely secure all of your boxes, and by no means can you have too much.
  5. Lock – Will secure your storage unit with another layer of protection, only allowing yourself to have access.

There is a great deal of more storage supplies you can use to help your move then the five listed above. However, those supplies above are a good group to start with. If you are interested in other supplies that are beneficial to use, come stop by our office and have a look.

The Benefits Of Purchasing Supplies Here…

Breast Cancer Awareness Month takes place throughout the month of October. This month for any merchandise sale, a portion of the total sale will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

U-Haul’s supply calculator can be an extraordinary tool to use during your moving process. Not sure about how many boxes or rolls of tape you may need? This tool can help break down how much of each material you will use.

Do you keep second-guessing yourself with what size storage unit would be the best fit for all of your belongings? If so, give our storage calculator a try, so you can rent out the correct storage space needed for all of your personal items. If you are interested in renting or reserving a storage unit, you can do so by going to our units available page. Reserving a unit allows you time to come out and see the facility and unit in person before renting. Also, we can hold that space for you for up to two weeks!

TNC Self Storage understands that to many people, moving personal belongings to storage is a new adventure. Nevertheless, with our terrific industry experts, this moving process will be over in the blink of an eye. Discover our TNC Self Storage facility in Souderton PA.

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