Organization Matters

Trying to get the house back in order after the holidays? If you are having trouble tackling organization in your home, TNC Self Storage can help! Check out our easy to follow tips below and watch how your home is back to normal in no time.



  • Create a designated area for family notes. The kitchen is the best place to make notes of family schedules, meals for the week, and the family shopping list.
  • Add a pocket organizer to the back of the pantry door to make room in your pantry.
  • An over-the-cabinet basket keeps organization under the sink. This is a good spot for sandwich bags, foil, plastic wraps, etc.
  • Low on counter space? Keep an over the sink cutting board to help extend your counter.


  • Add an above the door shelf for towels and bathroom rags.
  • A rack behind the door is a great way to keep towels hidden and allow them to dry without unwanted smells.
  • Hang a shower organizer to keep your shampoos off the ledge and cut down on mildew.
  • Over the sink storage, such as floating vanity shelves, can give you the extra space your sink needs.

Living Room:

  • Don’t overload an area with too much décor. Devote two-thirds of your shelf space to books and movies and the rest to knick-knacks.
  • Make a designated spot for remote controls. Since they are the most misplaced items in your living room.
  • After flipping through magazines take them directly to the recycling bin. No reason to keep old magazines.
  • Under the coach storage is useful for blankets and a sofa skirt can easily hide any bins.


  • Stop searching for important paperwork, color code your documents for easy finding.
  • Use a drawer divider to keep notepads readily available instead of being buried by other office supplies.
  • Make a command center for yourself with bulletin boards and a calendar. This will make staying on top of bills much easier.
  • At the end of everyday reorganize your space. Put items back in their homes and start the next day refreshed and ready to go!

Stay one step ahead of the clutter with our easy room-by-room strategies for organizing!