Need Storage Supplies to Pack in Souderton, PA?

Unsure where to start packing? Once you find your storage unit with TNC Self Storage, stop by our office to purchase some supplies. We sell all the storage supplies you need from boxes to furniture covers at our facility in Souderton, PA. Make TNC Self Storage your storage destination, and use our resources for an easier storage process. With features like temperature control and personalized access, you will have peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe with us. Check out our tips below to get a jump start on your packing!

Moving Supplies in Souderton PA

Storage Packing Tips: Stock Up on Storage Supplies

1. Buy All Your Storage Supplies Ahead of Time 

If you are packing up your house for a move, you will need a lot of boxes. Do not save the supplies shopping until the last minute. Buy boxes, tape, and more at TNC Self Storage on Wambold Road. Our facility sells storage supplies on-site in Souderton, PA, for convenient access to all your storage needs. Then when you have all your supplies, put everything in one place, like a box or bag, so you always know where items are when you need them. 

2. Find Your Way to Label Bins and Boxes 

Some people like to include a lot of information when they label their boxes for storage. You can include the room in which the items belong. Others go as far as to list all the contents of the box. This way you do not have to rummage through boxes to find specific items when you are unpacking. You can just look at the side of the box or a cheat sheet to see which box with kitchen items is the one with the certain item you need.

3. Use Padding in Your Boxes

Packing boxes with care and proper padding is crucial when it comes to protecting your valuable possessions during transportation or storage. Utilizing padding materials, such as bubble wrap or newspaper, can significantly reduce the risk of damage to your items, especially fragile or delicate ones. By cushioning the contents of each box, you provide an essential barrier that absorbs shocks, vibrations, and potential impacts that may occur during the moving process. A well-packed box not only safeguards your belongings but also provides peace of mind, knowing that your items will arrive at their destination or remain in storage in the same condition as when they were packed.

Buying Storage Supplies in Souderton, PA

TNC Self Storage is located on Wambold Road in Souderton PA near I-476. Not only do we have a wide selection of self storage units to serve your needs, but we also accommodate the other necessities that come with storing. Stop into our office to stock up on storage supplies like boxes and bubble wrap before your move-in date. We can help you prep your belongings before and handle them during their time in storage.

Ready to find a storage space near you? We offer temperature-controlled, drive-up, and indoor storage units in a range of sizes. Our experts can help match you to the right storage unit for your needs and budget. They can also assist with any other storage questions that come up during your time with us. Start browsing your options with our online storage rentals!

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