Long Distance Moves: The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Moving is a big deal, you need to pack all your belongings and move without as little trouble as possible. Did you know self storage can make long distance moves a little easier. Our extra storage space in Souderton PA is helpful for those moving to the neighborhood. Since we are located outside Philadelphia PA, our storage is helpful when you need a place for your belongings.

TNC Self Storage is ready for moving season, long distance moves or just down the street, with these checklists and timelines.

Long Distance Moves Souderton PA

Updating Your Address

The faster you update your address in a new state the faster you can claim residency. Claiming residency is important for tax and voting purposes. Many states vary in length of time they require for this, but a good average is 6 months. See where else you should be updating your address.

  1. Credit Card Companies
  2. Insurance Cards
  3. Mail
  4. Offices – Doctors / Dentist
  5. Financial Aid Offices

For a full list of locations to update, check out this checklist.

Restocking Your Pantry

You cleaned out extra storage you keep in the kitchen, got rid of expired or unusable items, now what? After your big move you will notice a few things missing from your cabinets. Restock cleaning supplies, and dry goods upon arriving at the house. This will help make the new house feel like home.

While planning your first shopping trip after moving, use this list of supplies.

How does storage play into your move? TNC Self Storage has storage space for those who need it seasonally, like college students, and those who are more long term storage customers, like businesses. Storage can make packing and unpacking easier. If you are selling your home, move your belongings to the storage unit early so you can show off your house. After the moving truck arrives at the house, make your first stop our Souderton PA storage units, so you can unpack as you want.

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