Guidelines for Storing Your Motorcycle During Winter

Soon there will be snow in the air and ice on the trees. Before this season happens you may want some guidelines for storing your motorcycle during winter. With these tools below you will be able to enjoy the wintry fun and know your motorcycle is covered for winter and awaiting spring.

  • Cleaning before winter storage is important whether storing your motorcycle indoors or out. Wax and other protective sprays can be applied to guard the motorcycle from the elements.
  • Cover any noticeable holes such as intake valves and tail pipes to block animals from nesting in undesirable locations.
  • Apply a generous amount of lubricate to chains, cylinder housings  and other movable parts to counter act deterioration and frozen hinges.
  • Indoor storage offers the best controlled environment. A thick tarp can offer further assistance in keeping your motorcycle spotless from annoying debris.
  • Renew any soon to be expired paperwork such as insurance and registration. Maintain full coverage over the entire storage period as a precaution for break in.
  • Replace used sediment filled oil for fresh new oil that will accurately grease the engine and make a successful restart.
  • To keep the battery fully charged detach and clean connection area.  Move the battery to a warm dry location to protect.
  • Utilized props such as jacks or blocks to prop the motorcycle off the floor to put and end to flat spots and pressure loss in the tire.
  • A licensed mechanic can detect any overlook issues on your motorcycle. Unresolved tattered lines may cause lines to freeze during storage and malfunction in the spring.

These guidelines for storing your motorcycle during winter can make you certain your motorcycle will be suitable for the season. Visit our location to speak with a qualified professional for more guidance when storing your motorcycle.