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Turn your Clutter into Cash!

So far this year at TNC Self Storage we’ve taken care of your winter stuff to make room for backyard barbeques, family get-togethers, and that giant slip and slide you promised the kids. Fabulous! But, what about all of the other clutter that still lurks in the corners of the attic and garage? Why not make a few bucks and host a yard sale? Citizens of our Souderton, PA community love a good sale – why not give them one? We’ve created a list of the 6 most important things to do to create a successful yard sale. Feel free to add your own, the more organization tips, the better!

1. Advertise: Craigslist is an excellent way to tell people in your community that you are having a sale. You can even post pictures of bigger ticket items to draw interested buyers to your event. To get the whole family involved, have the kids make signs to hang in the neighborhood, clearly marking the start time. Keep in mind, you may want to include “no early birds” if you don’t want people poking through your stuff before the sun comes up and your coffee is brewed.

2. Clearly mark your price: Yes, garage sales are prime sites for negotiating prices, but how will your customers know where to start if you don’t have items marked? More importantly, this will give you time pre-sale to think about what your bottom line will be; then plan to add 30% and let the games begin!

3. Clean items = cash: Give your old stuff a good once over; no one wants to fork over their hard earned money for a dirt bike that still has dirt caked on it, or furniture that has Fluffy’s hair still attached to it.

4. Invite the neighbors to participate: The bigger the sale, the more buyers that will be attracted to your event. If enough of your neighbors are interested, you can turn what was originally a single family sale into a block event, which will entice treasure hunters far and wide.

5. Organize your clutter: Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Group similar items together to give your customers an easier way to browse through your items.

6. Make it a two day event: Let’s face it, summer Saturdays are a hot commodity. If there isn’t a baseball game or soccer tournament, there’s a family picnic or a planned vacation. Making your sale stretch for two days gives you the opportunity to reevaluate your pricing and organization from the first day, and give your stuff a fresh start the second day.

We hope these tips help create some extra cash for your wallet. Remember, whatever you don’t get rid of, we at TNC Self Storage can store for you, for the next time a neighbor has a sale! Happy selling!