Tips for packing before getting to your unit

How do you pack for storage or even pack a storage unit? With the busiest time for movers coming up, TNC Self Storage wants to give you the resources to help and we are starting with the storage packing tips to get you ready for storage. We created a list of steps to take after you decide it is time to move some gear into storage. The process seems overwhelming but when you have a secure unit, with experts you trust, your worries go away. Take this chance before the weather really starts getting nice to develop your packing skills.

We know you want to kick up your feet this summer and spend your days outdoors rather then organizing, so now is a great time to pack, label and seal boxes using our recommendations.

Souderton PA storage packing tips

  • Make a main isle. Have enough room to get to the back row of boxes.
  • Avoid over filling a unit that is too small for the amount of gear you have. You want to have access to boxes and if you have to unpack everything just to find your favorite painting or shirt, it can be frustrating.
  • Store what you tend to use most often front and center.
  • Label the top and sides of boxes so when you are searching through the tower of brown boxes you can see what is inside.
  • Get creative with a rack for hanging shirts and dress cloths. Folding them and storing them in a box may result in tough wrinkles.
  • Plan for a future visit with a map with a general description of where everything is. The key to storage is organization.
  • Hollow space under tables and chairs will be useful for a box or too. Do not forget these open areas.

Get organized with our storage packing tips after the long winter season. You will feel at ease with your home when everything is in the correct place and the seasonal gear is safe until next year.

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