Stay Organized in 2013!

New Year’s Resolution 2013: Get Organized. If that’s on your list for this year, look no further, TNC Self Storage has the organizing solutions for our Souderton PA community. We deliberated with House Beautiful, and with their help, we have come up with a few helpful tips that will get you on your way.

Create your own Oasis- Get rid of the clutter in your bathroom, buy fluffy white towels and some scented candles, and you are a step closer to your own personal spa.

Extra seating- Sick and tired of huge chairs that take up way too much space? Get a few small, wooden, Japanese-style benches that are not only comfortable, but give the room a peaceful aura.

Mattress on the ground?- Buy a few, block bed-lifts to boost your bed up off of the low ground. They’re like heels for your mattress.

Rethink that empty wall- Instead of leaving your wall blank, fill it up with framed black-and-white photographs. It will make the wall elegant and decorative.

Attach tinsel or fringe- Tired of a boring lamp or curtain? Attach tinsels at the bottom for a unique, and retro look.

Think outside the “Box”- The TV box, that is. Program your TV screen to a peaceful setting or a fireplace so it doesn’t look blank when it’s turned off.

The Shining- Get rid of that gray carpet, and wax your wooden floors to make them look glossy and smooth. Who doesn’t want spectacular hard-wood floors?

Think high- Instead of the usual coffee table, get a high pedestal table made of dark wood. The height plays with the perspectives of the room, and you can even pull up a chair to eat!

At little to no cost, you can transform your humble little shack, into a home fit for the Queen of England. Who knows…she might even stop by!

Source: House Beautiful