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Need to know tips when staging a home

Is time to move? Has staging your home crossed your mind? This is a fast way to get your home ready for a quick sale and maybe even for more than the asking price. Storage units at TNC Self Storage improves the home buying experience because while you shop for your dream home, we are watching over your gear.

Souderton PA storage units

Only the essentials

  • Keep only what is important to everyday living.
  • Store books, photos, appliances, etc. Our small storage units are perfect for these decorations.
  • Closet space is one place many sellers forget to fix up. Cut the contents in half so buyers see the possibilities for storage.
  • You do not have to store all the decor, only items you will not need during the season.

Room to room cleaning

Cleanliness is not only enjoyable to you but this is a great example of how you keep your house. Get in the tight spots in the kitchen and move furniture so no section of the house is left uncleaned. While you are getting things spotless, if you are seeing areas that need fixed, make a note to come back. Look for paint touch ups needed and floor conditions. Carpets and rugs should be thoroughly cleaned to remove odors from food or pets.

Make a focal point

There should be one attribute each room is centered around. In the foyer maybe there is enough room for a table with colorful flowers or the family room has a game of cards going. These tiny details will help a family see the potential of the area. The easiest display you can do is the dinning room table. Have it set with matching plates as if you are about to host a feast for friends. A home is meant to be enjoyed by family and friends and there is no better way to display this then by setting the table.

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