How to Organize Your Storage Unit for Maximum Value

After investing in a storage unit, you will want to make sure that you are getting the most for your dollars.  This means organizing the space to maximize the value.  Of course, above all else, you want to make sure that you focus on accessibility, logical ordering and stored item protection. Let us help you organize your storage unit!


Remember that if you can’t get into your storage unit, it will be quite difficult to get to your items when you need them.  Plenty of people forget to treat their storage unit as a room that has to be accessed from time to time.  Instead, they simply look at it as a moving truck and pack it to the brim.

Consider taping off sections using duct tape on the floor, if that is acceptable in your storage unit.  That way, you’ll always have “aisles” so you or anyone else can be ensured of a clear path to what you need.

Logical Ordering

The ordering of your items, depending upon why you put them into storage in the first place, is critical to getting to things when you need them.  For instance, if you have rented a storage facility for paperwork and files for your business, you should put all boxes, filing cabinets, etc., in a logical order in terms of when you think they might be useful.   Similarly, if you are using your storage unit for residential purposes, you should do the same thing; seasonal decorations should be easy-to-reach, whereas long-term storage items can be less reachable.

Stored Item Protection

Obviously, you want everything in your storage unit to be protected.  To do that, don’t simply make “piles”.  Heavier pieces of furniture, as well as sturdier containers, should always go at the bottom of stacks.  Lighter, or more delicate, items should go at the top.  Otherwise, you could accidentally wind up crushing your favorite lamp!

For best results in organizing your storage space, you may even want to make a drawing.  Though it might seem like overkill to some of your family members or colleagues, it will maximize your investment.  Not only will you be able to have what you need when you need it, but there will be no space wasted.  You’ll also be able to quickly tell if your storage unit is beginning to reach capacity, which could necessitate the rental of another.