5 Tips for Moving with Pets

Summer has finally arrived to our Souderton, PA community! For many families, this is the best time to move, due to the fact that school is out and the days are longer. We don’t have to remind you that the days are also much hotter, which may add some extra precautions if you are a pet owner. Moving is stressful for pets, and at TNC Self Storage, we aim to make the moving with pets process smooth and stress-free for all members of the family. That being said, we’ve decided to compile a checklist of to dos in order to keep your pets happy and healthy during your transition between homes.

1. Keep a collar on your pet during the move, complete with current ID tags. The last thing you want is for Fido to get lost once you’ve relocated.

2. If you need to stop for gas or food, never leave your pet alone in a parked car for more than a few minutes. Did you know that if the temperature outside is 85°F, in just ten minutes the temperature inside can reach over 100°F with the windows cracked? Twenty minutes more, and the temp will jump to 120°F. This could be deadly for your furry friend. Remember, dogs and cats don’t sweat like we do to regulate our internal temperature.

3. Give them some exercise. Obviously, we are not suggesting that you take your pet chinchilla for a stroll around the parking lot at a fast food restaurant. But, you may want to make sure that they have enough space to run around inside their storage crate in the car. For bigger pets, like dogs and cats, put them on a leash and let them stretch their legs. Just be wary of hot pavement. They don’t have shoes to protect their soles like you do.

4. Break time! While you’re giving your pet some exercise, don’t forget to supply them with plenty of fresh water and food as well. Please don’t take offense to this reminder – it’s always the simplest things that are forgotten on moving day.

5. When you get to your new home, make sure to unpack familiar items for your pet, like their blanket, bed, or litter box to help them get comfortable in their new space. New neighborhood noises may startle them, so be patient with them as they howl or bark in the middle of the night.

We hope these tips are helpful for you and your furry family members! We at TNC Self Storage wish you the best of luck on your move!